Carol Anelli Reflection

I found the talk on Tuesday to be very informative. When I had previously learned about Darwin, only his trip to the Galapagos, natural selection, and his theory of evolution were discussed. I found it very interesting to learn more about his background, the scientists that influenced him, and his ties to geology. I also liked looking at the social influences such as the Church that made it difficult for Darwin to publish his work and for that work to be accepted. In my opinion the movie Creation falls more into the category of a Gothic horror movie. While the movie did portray his grief, I think some scenes were over the top, including the scene of the storm coming through his office, complete with glowing and moving specimen jars. I think the movie portrayed him more as delusional than grieving. The movie focused on Darwin as a man, while Darwin as a scientist was shown in more subtle ways. The movie did not portray all the evidence that Darwin collected for his book. However, it did show some of his work with pigeons and he even interacted with his children while teaching them about science.

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  1. The variety of movie reviews is interesting. It s possible you are right about it being a bit over the top. The same points could have been made with a little less dramatization, although personally I found the scenes of organisms living and dying in rapid succession pretty interesting…especially the one on the stream bank.

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