Dr. Carol Anelli – Darwin Reflection

The movie “Creation” really tends to focus in on the short period of time where Darwin was deciding on publishing his work; don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly interesting, but there was a bit of background information that I felt I was missing. That is where Dr. Anelli came in! I really enjoyed her presentation because not only was it relevant to what we were learning (and reading), but it filled in the blanks for information we might have pondered. Scientists and their lives are so interesting!

As for the three movie reviews, they are very different. One says the movie is filmed sort of like a “Gothic horror movie”; I can kind of see this perspective. The haunting of his dead daughter, the delirium that was caused by his scientific works, the constant thoughts entering his mind – I can see how these were portrayed in a horror movie fashion. The second review says the story was told “with restraint”; I don’t particularly agree with this perspective. The only thing I felt the movie held back on was the background knowledge or other useful information the viewer might have enjoyed. That being said, the director was respectful towards Charles’ burdens and portrayed them in a realistic way. The third review says it was a “sensitive” portrayal. This review isn’t very deep, so I’m not entirely sure what they mean by this. I think the movie was actually rather dark and even heavy at times, but it contained sensitive topics I suppose? I can find ways in which I agree and disagree with all three of these reviews. The “Gothic horror movie” is the most interesting perspective, and I like to look at it in that light!

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  1. The gothic horror movie is an interesting take. I do think some students have mistaken the portrayal of Annie in the past as evidence that Darwin was going mad. I have always seen it as an artistic depiction of her haunting him, not a literal one. I personally like the combination of this aspect and the touching story of his relationship with his oldest daughter.

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