Dr. Anelli Reflection

I found Dr. Anelli’s presentation very interesting and relevant to my current studies. In general, I appreciate looking into how ground-breaking scientific discoveries were made, or how the discoverer came to his/her conclusions. It was interesting to see how many people and ideas influenced Darwin, demonstrating once again how collaborative science is in nature. Even if the information presented by one individual is found incorrect, or not entirely true, that negative data can spark new ideas or new directions in which to carry on other research. Discussing Darwin and his process of getting to his “Origin of Species” is very relevant to me currently, as in my Biology 1114 class, we just finished discussing Darwin and how he came to his conclusions. I also found it interesting that Darwin was actually afraid of his own conclusions and what they might suggest, but I appreciate that he took the time to really make sure he had abundant observations and data before he put “Origin of Species” out there.

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  1. Yes, you are right. He was very hesitant to go forward with the information. I think we can also learn something from the fact that he finally did and also the world didn’t come to an end.

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