Dr. Anelli Reflection

Prior to watching the movie and attending Dr. Anelli’s lecture, I was familiar with Darwin’s work with “On the Origin of Species”; however, I did not realize the societal implications his work had until Dr. Anelli’s very informative talk. I really appreciated that she took the time to explain Darwin’s history and early influences, such as Hutton and Paley. This allowed me to have more context regarding Darwin’s work and why his findings were so controversial during that time. I also liked that we discussed Darwin’s home and personal life and how that was impacted by his research. After Dr. Anelli’s lecture, I have a much deeper appreciation for Darwin and the sacrifices he made for his work.

One thought on “Dr. Anelli Reflection

  1. Nice comments. I liked how Dr Anelli pointed to our course learning outcomes I think your comments on a deeper appreciation reflect them as well.

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