Dr. Anelli Reflection

Dr. Anelli’s talk was very insightful into the “inter-workings of Darwin”. I feel that we most often learn about Darwin in the context of his book “On The Origin of the Species”. Before watching starting this class, to me Darwin was the guy who developed the theory of evolution based on his observations of finches while traveling aboard the HMS Beagle. Both the movie and Dr. Anelli added more context the world Darwin was living in as well as how much work went into writing his famous book. A lot of Darwin’s work was based on some of the revolutionary ideas of the period, including the work on the rock cycle and the old age of Earth done by Hutton. This work was expanded upon by Lyell, a contemporary of Darwin. I also enjoyed learning about Darwin’s relationship with his wife and children. To me, it seems like he loved his children and encouraged them to think for themselves and to be as curious about the world as he was.

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  1. Yes, and I appreciated your comment in class about how many of his children went on to prominent discoveries of their own.. The depiction of Annie in the movie and his relationship with her has always made me wonder what contributions she would have made had she iived to be an adult.

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