Dr. Weisenberger Reflection

I enjoyed hearing Dr Weisenberger discuss all the opportunities that Ohio State has created for innovators and scientists throughout the years as well as the historical development of the university. I am excited to dive into a focus on medical discoveries that correlate to my work over the past 2 years in Orthopaedic Medicine in the divisions of Trauma and Sports Medicine. I have worked in the Wexner Medical in the past in the STAT lab and did a lot of setup work for their Oncology and Emergency Departments. When I have time I like to dive a little deeper into the history behind my work and interests and in the last couple years a lot of those interests have based in medicine because of my work. When I finish my degree I am looking at entering medical device clinical research in the specific field of product development and implant design.

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  1. Yes, we should discuss your interest in the project. The more I listened to people’s ideas the more I thought we should break the project into two or three separate reports. Perhaps a few people could work on more than one and you could recruit a few to the medical side of OSUs history.

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