Dr. Jan Weisenberger Reflection

I found Dr. Weisenberger’s presentation very interesting! I hadn’t heard about the 150 innovation research project that was occurring until we first mentioned it in this course, but you could really see how passionate and knowledgable Dr. Weisenberger was about the project. Her energy was truly contagious and I learned a great deal from her. For example, I had no idea that the original name of Ohio State was the Ohio Agriculture and Mechanical College! I did peruse the 150 innovations website before Dr. Weisenberger’s presentation, but after hearing her speak, I’m even more excited about our first upcoming project! Dr. Weisenberger briefly spoke about Lois Jones leading the first all-female research group to Antartica, one of the published 150 innovation articles that I had been previously exposed to and interested in. Thus, thanks to Dr. Weisenberger, I now have a list of potential topics for our first research project about the history of OSU and am even more excited to see what I end up choosing as my topic and all that I’ll soon learn.

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  1. I was hoping this talk would make that first project a little easier to visualize. I’m happy to hear it worked that way for you.

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