Dr. Weisenberger Reflection

I found Dr. Weisenberger’s presentation to be very informative. I enjoyed seeing the variety of innovations at OSU. A lot of time, when you think of scientific discoveries, you think of hard sciences such as biology or chemistry. It was interesting to see innovations such as the ice cream cone or the study of William Shakespeare’s works. I also appreciated learning more about the Carmen Collection. The stories featured there are the ones that are commonly forgotten and I was glad that OSU was making an effort to preserve them. I also got the opportunity to talk to Dr. Weisenberger after her presentation. She is very approachable, knowledgeable, and willing to help. Overall, I think the presentation was a great addition to the class.

One thought on “Dr. Weisenberger Reflection

  1. Yes, I’m glad you took advantage of her visit to meet her and speak with her about your common interests. She does seem very student-friendly.

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