Jan Weisenberger Reflection

I throughly enjoyed Jan’s presentation. Specifically, I appreciated how she chose to structure her presentation, by working chronologically from discussing the work of the very first faulty, to the work that is being done by current faculty, and connecting it back to each other. This really demonstrated to me just how collaborative every field of science is, and also how this particular university itself has contributed greatly to the many fields of science. I enjoyed the example of how science has come full circle at OSU for the case of Mendenhall creating the gravimeter, to current faculty member, Dorothy Grejner-Brzezinska, working on similar research. It made me feel some pride to be able to attend this university with such interesting history and to hopefully be a part of the legacy.

One thought on “Jan Weisenberger Reflection

  1. It’s interesting that you hit on that point. I try to tell my students that collectively we should feel pride in our shared successes and do what we can to support each other to make the university better for all.

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