Jan Weisenberger Reflection

I found Dr. Weisenberger’s lecture, especially the first portion on the early faculty of OSU very interesting. Having grown up around North Campus and being interested in mycology and botany, the early history of Ohio State, the research that happened there then, and the early history of Columbus are things I’ve been very curious about for a while. I’m glad to be able to add a bit more of that (hopefully) to the memory bank. I’ve been going to Tuttle Park my whole life, and have practiced microscopy on things I’ve found there as a kid. I think it’s wonderful coincidence that I did that in a park named after a microbiologist.

One thought on “Jan Weisenberger Reflection

  1. That is an interesting coincidence. It was a bit humorous to hear Jan’s talk. It made the building, street, park names which we read every day make more sense.

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