Dr. Jan Weisenberger Reflection

I found Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk on the history of OSU in the wake of the 150 anniversary very enlightening. I knew about some of the innovations that OSU faculty had contributed to during that time, such as coating the cone of the Drumstick with chocolate to prevent ice cream from leaking. But a lot of the discoveries I had not known about. One of which was the all women expedition to Antarctica. I enjoyed seeing how OSU grew from an unfinished building where research was done without any labs to the research institution it is today. I also liked how she talked about the women who made scientific contributions through our 150 years as a university. Her talk sparked my continued interest to the contributions women have made to science, especially at Ohio State.

One thought on “Dr. Jan Weisenberger Reflection

  1. That’s great. I thought about that single building too and it gives me a little more appreciation walking past University Hall. Also, we are excited to see the results of your research and inspiration towards these topics.

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