Jan Weisenberger Reflection

Listening to Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk was both interesting and inspiring. I especially enjoyed how she started from the very beginning of OSU, regarding history and discoveries, and worked her way to more recent events. Getting to see where OSU originally started and how it has developed over the years historically and scientifically was very fascinating. Additionally, I enjoyed that she highlighted on many women in OSU’s history that have made an impact on science. I feel that it is very important to talk about women in science and discoveries made by women, especially long ago. Overall, I learned a lot from Dr. Jan Weisenberger’s talk and it sparked my interests further into history and science.

One thought on “Jan Weisenberger Reflection

  1. That’s great to hear. We debated focusing one of our projects on OSU history given that this is a study abroad class. But knowing students are also inspired by discoveries close to home is beneficial to us and hopefully the knowledge will help you guys compare events far away to those back here.

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