Paris – Day 6

We were late for the Garden of Plants, whoops.  We got to see a bunch of skeletons at the first museum we went to, which was really interesting to me.  Then we saw the museum of Minerals, which was really pretty but I couldn’t understand the labels so it wasn’t as educational as it could be.  We also walked through the greenhouse, which was very cool.  Then a group of us went to Arc de Triomphe, which was awesome but a lot of stairs.  After that, we walked to the Louvre, which was a very long walk.  It was worth it though, because there were a lot of sights along the way.  I was surprised at the size of the Louvre, and definitely didn’t get to see all the big attractions there.  I did see Mona Lisa, which was slightly underwhelming.  Later that night we went to Sacre Coeur, and then tried to get to the Eiffel Tower, which took a long time.  That adventure and everything else from the day made it very easy to go to bed once we got back.

London/Train/Paris – Day 5

The train ride to Paris was pretty smooth.  Our hotel in Paris was set up very strangely.  We had a long narrow hallway leading from the door to our room, and the bathroom was two separate rooms.  We took a hot second to chill, then went to Notre Dame, which was as beautiful as I expected it to be.  Then we walked aimlessly and ended up at the Pantheon, and got to see the Eiffel Tower glittering.  That night we had the group dinner at Petit Prince, which was really good but took a very long time.  I tried young pork cheek, and duck.  After dinner we were so tired we just passed out at the hotel.

London – Day 4

We started off the day by going as a group to Westminster Abbey, and boy oh boy we were all as dead as the people in the floors.  Then we went to the London Eye, but it was rainy and Big Ben was covered in scaffolding.  It was still cool though.  Kelly and I got some lunch and then walked to Buckingham Palace.  We also went to tour the Royal Society, which had a lot of interesting history, but could have been portrayed more interestingly.  That evening was the group dinner, which was one of the few times Kelly and I were not together.  I got Italian and she got Indian, but then we met back up at Phantom of the Opera.  Afterwards we tried to find some food to pack for the train but couldn’t find anything so we just went to bed.

London – Day 3

We (Kelly and I) got to sleep in today, then got some brunch and coffee.  We shopped at Primark and I got a ton of stuff.  Then we went to the National Gallery and saw a lot of famous paintings and a lot of religious paintings.  We got some more coffee in a cafe in the basement of a cathedral.  We then made our way to Bond St. (I don’t think we ever actually found Bond St. but we were in the area).  We got amazing food at a pub that I can’t remember the name of but it was the most delicious food I had in London.  We went to the John Snow pub and a couple other places, and then to bed.

London – Day 2

I was surprised about the breakfast in the hotel; it was a lot bigger and more crowded than I expected.  Then John led us around a cute little square of apartments and then to the British Museum.  The first room was the only one open at first, but it had some pretty cool stuff.  Eventually we got into the main room with the big glass ceiling and then to the room with the Rosetta stone.  I walked around various exhibits, and eventually met up with some more people and went to Camden.  There were a lot of little vendors and shops, and I got a cute little ring.  Then a group of us went to Kensington Palace, which had a cool exhibit on Princess Diana, and some beautiful crowns.  After the palace we walked around and shopped for a bit.  That night, a big group of us went to Gordon Ramsay’s Bread St. Kitchen, which was very tasty.  Then we went to a ball pit place, and eventually went back to the hotel and to bed.

London – Day 1

We left Columbus Friday afternoon, and arrived at Heathrow Saturday morning.  I didn’t sleep a lot on the plane despite my efforts, but that’s okay because I’m used to being sleep deprived.

First we went to the town of Down, where we went to a pub, George and Dragon, and I tried fish ‘n’ chips for the first time.  It was good, but I probably wouldn’t get it again (I’m not much of a fish person).  On our way there, a crazy lady almost hit us and then cussed us out.  After eating, we played in a tree at a chapel, and then walked to the Down House.  It was really cool to see where Charles Darwin lived, and his labs.  I especially liked walking around the gardens and greenhouse.

After the Down House, we drove around London for a bit and got a “tour” then ended up at our hotel.

Then we went to “The Rising Sun” for dinner, and then went to a couple other pubs before heading back for bed.

Sunday March 17

This day was all just traveling so there isn’t much to say about it. But My flight experience was good and I was happy to finally be home and get fresh air after being in a plane all day but overall a good experience. It took me awhile to get used to the time change again after getting back to a regular schedule. I had a very good time on this trip and I am glad that I decided to go! A lot of great memories were made and will never be forgotten.

Saturday March 16

For this day a few of us got up super early to travel to Versailles. It took about an hour to get there, a thirty minute wait in a line in the cold, and then another hour to travel back…to see a palace that I knew nothing about. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Versailles until I actually got there. I wish I had known more before going because I think that I would have appreciated it more than just seeing it as a gold building with a lot of murals. Either way I am glad I at least got to see it while in Paris. After this we went to the Sacred Heart church and it was a beautiful day to see this. It was a grand church at the top of a hill with many steps to get to it. The sun gleamed on the stairs and church beautifully and over the balconies on the stairs there was a view as far as you could see of so many buildings throughout the city. We all just sat on the stairs and soaked up the sun for awhile before even going into the church. After this we did some shopping and then went back to the hotel where I got dinner with Savannah and that is how we ended our last night abroad and it was really nice and relaxing.

Friday March 15

Today we went to the Eiffel Tower! I am glad we did this as a group because I do not think that I would have gone up it without us doing it as a class. I enjoyed seeing all of Paris from a higher view point and we all got some amazing pictures. I did not realize how big Paris was. It also interested me that all of the buildings were basically the same height. I am so used to seeing a skyline of large skyscrapers in big cities in the US but there were only a few scattered ones in Paris. The museum of man was after this and I really liked how modern it was. I wasn’t necessarily into the content of the museum but the interactive exhibits really made me interested in things that, like I said, was not interested in. After this, which has already been a long day, we went to the Pasteur museum and I personally did not find much interest here. I think this would have been better to be a self guided tour because the place was very small but we spent over an hour in a guided tour that was hard to stay awake for. Then after this we went to another museum that I think I would have enjoyed more if it was not after a full day of activities. The technology museum had some really cool history in it and I love learning new things about our past so that was nice to have the guided tour so we could learn more about items that I would have no idea about otherwise. But like I said, I wish it was during a different time during the trip.

Thursday March 14

We first started the day at the hotel breakfast…just like every other day but nothing was going to beat those chocolate croissants. We went to the Jardin de Plantes and saw a few different museums in the time we had here. I thought it was cool that it was just a square that had all different genres of museums for people with all different interests. I went to the zoo because I am doing my paradigm shift on zoos so that was interesting to me. After this we had a free afternoon and some of us went to the Louvre. The Louvre was not my favorite place because there were a million people in there and it was underwhelming in my opinion. I would probably not go there again if I had the choice to. After this we went to explore random places like the umbrella ceiling and Lauderé for some dessert. This was one of my favorite days in Europe because we did so many things and saw so much.