Khadejah’s Travel Journal

  Day 1: Went to Charles Darwin’s house in London, had shepard’s pie at a local pub. Got yelled at by a british lady in her car on the bus. Enjoyed seeing Darwin’s garden. Went to more pubs at night and wondered around London. Went to a bookstore and got some interesting books.


 Day 2: Went to Kennsington Park and saw alot of great monuments. This one in particular was really great. Didn’t even know who Albert was. Had great food at the park. Love the freedom the british like to give their dogs. A lot of cute dogs and birds were great to see at the park aswell. Saw a fat pigeon.


Day 3: On the third day had alot of fun at Borough Market. A nice lady gave sold me a wheat grass smoothie while I was there. It tasted really bad but I was happy that she looked happy making it. I drunk a good amount of it. Also walked around London Bridge. The tower bridge was the best bridge we saw. Got to go up to the top of the tower and take a lot of selfies on it. They had a clear floor so you can take pictures of yourself laying down and you can see everything on the ground. Looked scary at first but it looked really cool. Also got a lot of souvenirs in the gift shop for my family. Also went to a cool retro looking ice cream place.


Day 4: Touch down in Paris! Got to see Notre Dame and try an actual Crepe made in Paris. I really loved the crepe with nutella, butter, and ice cream in it. Tried alot of other crepes afterwards too. Loved the architecture in Notre Dame. Had a very chill vibe, which is to be expected since it’s one of the more holier sights. Loved the glass windows on the inside and the beautiful statues as well. Also walked around with Caroline along the Rue De Monge which had amazing restaurants.


 Day 5: Went to the fossil museum and had a great time seeing the fossils. Looked very interesting considering the fact that I’m typically not a fossil person. Had very interesting structures. Almost fell a couple times in the secret garden because of the rain. Loved the mineral museum as well. Also went to the Louvre for the first time but had a hard time finding the Mona Lisa. A little disappointing when I found her but I thought everything else in the museum was amazing. Also went to an awesome fondue place with other people and LOVED the cheese.


 Day 6: Last day in Paris. Very sad but had a great time spending the day venturing out on my own. Wanted to go to a popular macaron place and buy some macarons. Didn’t know the Louvre and other important sights were right next to it! They blocked off a lot of important sights because of the protests and took me a while to get around a gate. Loved seeing my first lock bridge, very beautiful to see how much they value love in Paris. Then went to a mall district 30 minutes before the malls close. Went to this one place that I didn’t think was name brand but had a 300 euro jacket. I’ll come back when I make the money in a couple hundred years. Went to a McDonald’s to end the night, not the same as in America but still okay.



One thought on “Khadejah’s Travel Journal

  1. Khadijah,

    Your journal was short, but sweet. I enjoyed reading it and hearing your presentation in class. I am glad I saw the class presentation as the pictures were a bit more expanded. I am really glad you joined our class this year and added your unique perspective and sense of humor. I hope this is one of many travel adventures you have while at OSU and beyond.

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