Thursday March 14th

Well, I was still dead from the day before, but up for another day of adventures. We went to the garden of plants with the class. I started off in the Paleontology building which I found super interesting seeing all of the bones set up on display. One thing that caught my eye was the whale with very thin looking teeth. I’d never seen teeth like that before and thought it was super interesting (pre-dental major showing)! While we were there, I also saw the minerology building and the zoo. The minerology building was cool but small, and the zoo was decent, but the animals seemed to be hiding from me or hard to see through the tall grass around the exhibits. I really enjoyed this place however, all the captions on the exhibits were in French so it was hard to know what certain things were. After this, we had the rest of the day on our own and I ended up going to the Louvre and the Musse de Orssay, but was in a group of 7 people so it was kind of crazy. I was able to see the Mona Lisa, which was cool to say I saw, but really didn’t understand why this chick was famous until Alicia explained that her eyes follow you no matter where you’re at in the room! Also, at the Musse de Orssay we saw 1 of the 4 statues of liberty in Paris. To end the night, we had a group dinner that was really good! I got to try snail for the first time! That was a little nerve wracking but actually ended up being very good.

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