Paris, Thursday March 14th

Today we traveled to Jardin des Plantes as a group! We were able to explore around the multiple exhibits in all of the buildings on the grounds (I enjoyed the minerals building the best). After we spent time here, a group of us headed to the Lourve. I was shocked at how large the Lourve truly is, and honestly was overwhelmed. Of course, I got a picture with the Mona Lisa, and walked around to see some of the other well-known pieces. When we left, we went to Musée d’Orsay, to get pictures with the large clock. While my group decided to go to a nearby mall, I went to see some other interesting places. First, I took the metro to a village that has an umbrella sky display, which was nice considering that it had been sprinkling all day. Then, I made my way to the Picasso museum. This museum was one of my favorites, because they had more abstract pieces, and a lot of information to read in regards to the work displayed. I went back to the hotel, and made plans to have dinner. When I heard there was an amazing view of the city from the little town we were going to eat in, I never imagined the amount of steps it was going to require me to climb! All of the steps were worth it, though! At night, I could see the Eiffel Tower glowing and see so much of the city! When we went to dinner, I had snail and pizza (a great mix, I know). We left dinner, in hopes to go see the Eiffel Tower up close.. and 2 hours later we did! This was the night I learned that I liked the London Underground WAY more than the Paris metro. But we made it, and it was worth it!

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