London, Saturday March 9th

We arrived in London today and got off to a wonderful start! As soon as we landed, we got ready for the day and made our way to Downe. In Downe, we first stopped by the little pub “George and Dragon.” This is where I had my fist official serving of fish and chips during the trip! After eating, we walked across the road to see the church with the graveyard where Charles Darwin’s wife is buried. Here, we climbed a tree and got out first group picture of the trip. We walked along the road until we made our way to Down House. Visiting the home of Charles Darwin was very interesting. I made my way through the house, and then out to the gardens. It was amazing to think that a man who made such large leaps for science worked in the same place I was visiting. I was able to take a picture in the same place a portrait of Darwin was taken, too! After leaving here, we made our way into town and our guide explained some fun things about London along the way. Once we made it to the hotel, Jess and I put our things in out room before we headed out to get some dinner! We walked to The Rising Sun, had some dinner, and then got gelato afterwards before heading back to the hotel.

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