The Ohio State University School Psychology Program

The foundation for the School Psychology program at The Ohio State University is based on sociocultural theories of psychological and educational practices with youth. Sociocultural theories encompass social cognition and social behavioral principles of understanding and working with a diversity of youth in America’s schools. Children do not experience life in a vacuum, but do so within sociocultural contexts such as school, home, and community. The focus of the School Psychology program is service delivery across many different settings with a particular emphasis on children in urban settings. Within this framework, students are trained as scientist-practitioners who function as data-based decision makers and collaborative problem solvers. The program has a commitment to diversity at the research, training, and service level.

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Degree Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, School Psychology
The PhD program prepares students to be practitioners in schools, clinics, and private practice as well as preparing them to be future leaders in the field (e.g., research and academic careers, future trainers of school psychologists and/or supervisors).

Education Specialist in Educational Studies, School Psychology
The EdS program focuses on practitioner training for the delivery of comprehensive school psychological services primarily in school settings. In addition to practitioner skills, EdS students are trained in a “scientist as consumer” model that emphasizes the use of research findings in clinical decision-making, both in terms of creating interventions as well as evaluating their efficacy.