Professional Interview

To fulfill the academic enrichment requirement, I interviewed a family friend, Megan, who is a physician assistant at OrthoNeuro in Westerville. She works in the orthopedic surgery department which involves clinical visits with patients as well as being first assist in the operating room. She was the perfect person to talk to as I plan on attendingĀ a physician assistant graduate program and would like to specializeĀ in orthopedics. We discussed her day to day work life as well as her experiences applying to PA school. I found it to be extremely helpful to talk to a young professional because it wasn’t very long ago that she was going through the entire process herself. Megan also told me about her experiences abroad as a physician assistant. She went to Bolivia and the Dominican Republic to provide services to many impoverished communities. This is another opportunity within the profession that I never knew was possible and would love to be involved in. I plan on shadowing Megan in the fall and look forward to hearing more about her experiences and information about the profession.

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