Year in Review — Year 1

I can’t believe my freshman year of college is so quickly coming to an end! This year has flown by and so much of my life has changed in ways I never expected. In August I came to Ohio State excited to start a new chapter in my life but also very nervous of where it would take me. Health Sciences Scholars helped me immensely in the transition from my small high school to such a large university. Scholars gave me a community, friends, and a home immediately upon arrival at Ohio State. Everyone from my peers to upperclassman to the staff were so welcoming and excited to share this adventure. I came into college undecided on my major only knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. With the help of my peers and advisors I have finally decided to declare my major as Exercise Science. I combined my love for working out and desire to help others to pick a major that would both interest me and provide a path to a physician assistant program in graduate school. I feel now that I am excited to go to class because I am genuinely interested in everything that I am learning.

Personally, I feel as if I have grown way more than I ever expected. In high school I had a core group of friends that I had known for years. When we all headed in different directions I was extremely nervous because I tend to be a shy person. I was very intimidated when thinking about coming to a school with thousands and thousands of students. However, upon arrival I saw that everyone was so friendly and had no trouble making friends. Throughout this semester I have definitely moved outside my comfort zone and broken out of my shell. I feel comfortable now trying new things and meeting new people whereas at the beginning of the year I would dread going to the dining hall alone.

My expectations for next year are generally to continue making connections and finding things I love to do. I joined a work out club called CHAARG this semester and plan to continue being a highly active member. I love CHAARG because it motivates all girls to “find their fit” through positivity, laughter, friendship, and hard work. In just one semester, I have made so many meaningful connections with girls just like me working towards their fit goal one day at a time. Academically, I am very excited to continue my classes and work diligently before officially applying to the Exercise Science major next spring. I also am looking forward to the opportunities that will be presented through the HSS and STEP collaboration. Additionally, I am very excited to be a peer mentor for the exploration program in the fall. I hope to inspire freshman to reach outside of their comfort zone and find their home here at Ohio State.

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