I was fortunate enough to volunteer at the BuckeyeThon Dance Marathon. This event was held in the Ohio Union, and I participated in various activities over the course of twelve hours. Along with several of my friends, I helped raise money to support children with cancer. This event was very popular across campus, and my scholars program had a fund-raising team as well.

Fundraising was the first step in participating in the dance marathon. Once the funds were raised, you were placed on a team and assigned a twelve-hour shift. I was on the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars team, and our team color was orange. We spent most of the day in and out of dance parties, crafting with the kids, and continuing to fund-raise through small games. Seeing the joy on the kids’ faces made everything worth it, and showed me that I have so much to be grateful for. This volunteer experience taught me that amazing things can happen when so many people come and work together. Students and community members of The Ohio State University fundraised $1,704,184.19 For The Kids treated on the Hematology/Oncology/BMT Floor at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


I recently volunteered at the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Race in Columbus. This race ran through the streets of downtown Columbus and finished in the Arena District. Along with several of my friends, I volunteered at the finish line, handing out electrolyte drinks to the finishers. I learned of this opportunity through the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars Program.

At this event, I worked at a table beyond the finish line. Before the race began, I helped set up tables and prepare the electrolyte drinks for the racers. After mixing the drinks in large coolers, we used pitchers to fill up hundreds of cups with the drinks. As the competitors finished, we handed out the drinks so they could refuel. Seeing the smiles on the runners’ faces was priceless, as they had just finished a goal that they had been training for for months. Large events such as this race aren’t possible without volunteers, and I loved being a part of the crew. This volunteer experience taught me about organization and timeliness. If every crew working for the race wasn’t ready at the right time, then everything would have fallen apart. This experience left me in awe at how much thought goes into planning such a large event. I learned so much about logistics and organization in volunteering at this race. I’m glad I was able to help such a ‘sweet’ race!


I had the opportunity to participate in the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars Day of Service. Students in our scholars program were divided into groups and sent to volunteer at three local organizations for the day. I spent the afternoon volunteering at the Furniture Bank Warehouse, where I helped rearrange furniture, stack mattresses, and organize the warehouse. I learned of this opportunity through the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars Program.

At the warehouse, I worked with a group of my peers to stack and organize over 400 mattresses. After completing that task, we moved on to stacking pallets and other pieces of wood. This helped clear up the aisles for the permanent workers of the facility. Our final task at the warehouse was to move arm chairs from one side of the building to the other. Although these jobs were not the most enjoyable, it was very rewarding to complete them and observe the progress we had made. We may not have seen the impact that we made on the community, but we definitely saw how we helped those who work in the warehouse. There are only a handful of people who permanently work in the warehouse, and without our help, it would’ve taken them several days to accomplish what we had finished in just one afternoon. From this experience, I learned the value of hard work. The men who work in the warehouse taught us that you will never see change or make a difference without putting in work. This experience also gave me a new sense of gratitude. I have been very blessed with the opportunities and privileges that I have been given, and the only thing I can do about it is pay it forward. I absolutely loved volunteering at the Furniture Bank Warehouse, and it is an experience that changed my perspective.


I had the opportunity to volunteer at the 2018 Columbus Oktoberfest, where I worked a booth passing out free cookies, apples, and apple cider. I learned of this opportunity through The Ohio State University Honors and Scholars website.

At the festival, I worked at a table sponsored by the Giant Eagle grocery store. I passed out complimentary snacks, and I loved it! Seeing the smiles on the customers’ faces was priceless, and it lessened the cold of the rainy weather. As a result of this service, I was exposed to German culture and was enlightened of my own heritage. Not only was I exposed to this new culture, but I also got to take part in others’ first experiences. This opportunity impacted me as a leader because I was forced out of my comfort zone to interact with strangers, and I had to maintain a booth without a supervisor. I developed better communication skills, and I improved my sense of responsibility. Because of service learning I am more knowledgeable. I became more aware of the culture and I gained social skills through talking with the patrons. Volunteering at the 2018 Columbus Oktoberfest was an enjoyable and memorable experience that I will never forget.

True Colors

Everybody has their True Colors, and these colors indicate personality type as well as character. After completing the exercise, I was scored to be orange. My natural tendencies reflect that of an Orange Character. I am spontaneous, easy-going, openminded, and adventurous. Although some people may view this character type as impulsive and without a plan, it is actually a personality that is flexible and eager to adapt.

I am very happy to have learned this about myself because I can apply this information to my interactions with my scholars group as well as other teams. Knowing that I can be flexible, I’ll keep my cool when things don’t go as planned and/or when something doesn’t go right. I can easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances and make changes as necessary to succeed. I’ll also stay more relaxed in stressful situations, and I’m able to make the most out of unwanted situations.


Anyone can be a leader; it doesn’t require admirable character traits or superhero skills. To be a leader simply requires effort and passion. Leaders know how to take charge of a crowd, while still giving respect to each individual. Leaders know how to show compassion in times of need, while still remaining firm in their decisions and actions. A successful leader with will include every member of the group in everything that occurs (no exceptions). Anyone can be a leader.

There are many different kinds of leaders, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are leaders who generally assert dominance over a crowd. There are leaders that excel in positivity and support. There are leaders that use knowledge and logic to make the best decisions for the group. Anyone can be a leader, so long as they put forth effort and passion in everything that they do.

I have seen leadership through the context of wellness. Health and fitness is becoming a very large and welcoming community, and there are many people who crave this kind of support. I am a member of a nutrition team that focuses on how we fuel our body. The leader of my group sets an example with her exceptional spirit and kind words. I know that when I wake up in the morning, there will always be a text of encouragement waiting to be read. Not only is she setting a good example for the rest of the group to follow, but she’s also making all member of the group feel welcomed and involved.

About Me

Hello! My name is Emma Schmiesing and I am a second-year at Ohio State. I am majoring in Criminology with minors in Spanish as well as Legal Foundations of Society. The combination of family and sports has always played a huge role in my life. I grew up with ten other siblings, and we always played together in the backyard and on the playground! Throughout high school I focused on swimming and softball, and I was lucky enough to compete against some of my sisters! I joined the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars program because I loved how it combined athletics with such a strong sense of community. I can’t wait to take part in club and/or intramural sports, and I look forward to spending time in the RPAC!

In addition to my family and sports, I also love trying new things! Whether that be new foods, new places, or new experiences, I’m always game. I enjoy going to baseball games, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and exploring this beautiful city! I live about an hour and a half northwest of Columbus, in the small town of Minster. My mom doubles as a stay at home mom and nurse, and my dad is a supervisor in a factory. I have ten siblings! Alice (my twin), Sam, Grace, twins Mary & John, Charlie, twins Frank & Rose, Lucy, and Anne.

I’m super excited to grow as a person and student here at Ohio State, and I look forward to where this experience will take me.

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