Ohio State’s Spring Into Service

This semester, I participated in Pay it Forward’s event, Spring Into Service. At this event, a friend and I were randomly assigned to a location in Columbus to perform duties that would better the earth in celebration of the beginning of Earth Month. We were assigned to help the Sierra Club pick up trash from a lot used as a local dumping ground. After a few hours, we had come across spilled oil, large batteries, glass, styrofoam cups, and lots and lots of plastic. At the end of the event, two trucks were nearly full of bags with trash and recyclables that had been removed from the area. Looking at the massive mounds of trash that we had dug up, I felt oddly satisfied. Although it had been a bit of a tedious task, I was able to leave knowing that at least a tiny corner of Columbus had been saved by the efforts of us Ohio State students.


Year in Review

Before entering the Biological Sciences Scholars Program, I was feeling very unsure of myself at Ohio State. Looking at my course schedule was overwhelming and the thought of future internships and research opportunities was absolutely terrifying. Given the opportunity to interact with so many bright scholars students has helped me find a place at such a large school. The numerous guest speakers I have had the privilege of learning from have put my mind at ease about the future. Membership in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program has given me confidence as a student, as well as a future employee.
Reflecting on my growth over just a few short months allows me to think of how much more I can learn and develop in the coming years. The fact that I have become more comfortable even thinking about applying for research positions leads me to believe that when I encounter bigger and greater things, I will not feel fear but instead will charge ahead.


Global Awareness: Through Global Awareness, students’ appreciation for diversity, as well as unique differences among individuals, develops. I currently attend “conversation tables” arranged by the department of French and Italian and would like to become more involved in French Club in the near future. Later on, I plan to study abroad in a French-speaking country to improve my language skills and gain a better understanding of the culture in Francophone countries.
Original Inquiry: Original Inquiry is the way in which students engage in a wide range of experiences in order to gain a better understanding of the research process. In the coming years, I plan to be involved in research projects both on and off of campus.
Academic Enrichment: Academic Enrichment comes from the pursuit of academic excellence both in and out of the classroom. In high school, I took many AP courses and scored well on the exams. At Ohio State, I plan to take some honors courses in order to go beyond the minimum requirements.
Leadership Development: Leadership Development allows students to gain leadership skills that can be demonstrated in their both their academic and professional careers. In the past, I was a captain for my soccer team, as well as a member of my high school orchestra’s leadership board. In the future, I would like to play a leadership role in a club on campus.
Service Engagement: Service Engagement is students’ commitment to helping the community. In the past, I was a member of my high school’s service organization for three years. Now I plan to seek service opportunities through various clubs on campus, as well as opportunities presented through the scholars program. In the future, I would like to be a volunteer at a hospital for an extended period of time.


Sarah Schinker’s Resume

I am an undergraduate biology major with an interest in specializing in forensics. Here in the career tab, you will see my professional journey as I gain experience that leads me to my career goals.


My senior year of high school, I was selected to be a member of my orchestra’s leadership council. This experience gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my peers to create a better experience for my school’s orchestra members. During my time at Ohio State, I hope to become a club leader or a board member of an organization, using my leadership skills to better my community and impact my peers.


The Biological Sciences Scholars went on a trip to the Maize at Little Darby Creek on October 6th. At this event, students were given the opportunity to explore the corn fields, as well as pick pumpkins and interact with farm animals. Going on this trip with my fellow scholars allowed me to meet new people and form bonds with individuals that I will be sharing the net four years with.

About Me

My name is Sarah Schinker and I am a freshman in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program and I. plan to major in Biology. I graduated from Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, Ohio, which is about fifteen miles north of The Ohio State University.

After taking AP Biology my junior year of high school, I discovered a passion for life sciences. I enjoyed learning about how so many systems can work together to create one whole being. During my time at Ohio State, I hope to get involved in a variety of research opportunities in order to deepen my understanding of the biological sciences.

My interests include soccer and music, both of which I participated in throughout high school. I play both the violin and the viola, which have allowed me to be a member of seven orchestras in total. I was also a member of my school’s service club, French club, and the Olentangy chapter of National Honors Society.

I am looking forward to the opportunities that Ohio State has to offer, as well as the memories I surely make with my fellow Buckeyes.