Ohio State vs. Penn State Football Game

My most memorable experience from the first semester was the Ohio State vs. Penn State football game.  It was an incredible game, and an awesome experience to rush the field after Ohio State got the win.  My artifact to represent this experience is the picture I took on the field.  The picture is significant as it will remind me of this game every time I see it.


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Buckeye Capital Investors

This past semester I joined Buckeye Capital Investors.  Through BCI I have vastly expanded my knowledge of investing concepts, and furthered my interest in pursuing a career in the investing field.  BCI has been a great opportunity to for me to gain knowledge pertaining to investing and finance.

About Me

Hello, my name is Zachary Schiavello.  I am a first year Finance major from Columbus, Indiana.  Some of my involvements include the Business Scholars Program and Buckeye Capital Investors.  In my free time I enjoy playing golf, watching sports, following current events, and learning about the stock market and investing.

Sophomore Year in Review

My sophomore year has brought excitement and many unique challenges.  Academically, I have continued to advance my coursework and excel in the classroom.  I have particularly enjoyed my business core classes.  I have learned foundational accounting knowledge, introductory finance concepts, and also learned financial modeling and valuation skills for the Fisher Futures program.

I have a few news involvements in organizations on campus.  In the Fall, I joined Phi Gamma Nu, a Professional Business Fraternity.  This has been a great experience to become involved on campus in a new way. I have enjoyed surrounding myself with like-minded business minds, and the opportunity to participate in philanthropy events through the fraternity.  Additionally, I am participating in the Fisher Futures Program through the business school.  The program has allowed me to expand my finance knowledge as I look to pursue a career in Equity Research or Investment Banking.  The Program also granted me the opportunity to travel to both New York City and Chicago to visit Investment Banks.

Outside of academics, my sophomore year has brought many great memories.  The highlight of my fall semester was football Saturdays on campus. Although I have attended countless Ohio State football games, this year was the first time I have attended the Ohio State vs Michigan rivalry game.  My family also visited for a few games and I really enjoyed spending time with them around campus.

Professionally, my sophomore year has also brought many new opportunities.  I am looking forward to interning this coming summer with Reams Asset Management.  This will be an unbelievable opportunity to gain great experience in the asset management and investing industries.

I also had to overcome challenges throughout my sophomore year. With so many involvements, and a heavy course load I had to very effectively manage my time.  This helped me to improve my organizational skills.  I have begun using google calendars to keep track of all of my schedules and events, and I have constructed an elaborate excel spreadsheet to keep an ongoing to-do list of all my tasks.  I am looking forward to what my last two years at Ohio State brings.


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