About Me

Hello! My name is Patrick Scheatzle and I am a freshman at the Ohio State University from Canton, Ohio. My major is Biochemistry and I am on the pre-med track. I am actively involved in several on campus student-run organizations, such as running club, Health Points, and the ukulele club, as well as possibly joining the Chemistry and Biochemistry club in the future. Health Points is a pre-med club that offers good insight into how I should go about my next couple of years in order to best prepare myself for medical school. I am also a member of the Biological Sciences Scholars Program. This has been a great opportunity for me because it allows me to live and work next to all kinds of different people that share similar interests and similar majors as me. I plan to get involved in some form of research during my undergraduate career at Ohio State. I hope this E-Portfolio offers a little light into what I am doing, and everything I plan to accomplish in the future.