I am a Biochemistry major, and I am thinking about gaining a minor in Spanish. I am on the pre-med track so my goal is to get accepted into medical school after my undergraduate graduation. My dad is a DO and has had a major influence on me throughout school with my interest in medicine. I intend to shadow him on a day over either Thanksgiving or Christmas break during a day he is working at the hospital in order to get a feel for the everyday life of physicians. I would say the area of medicine that interests me the most as of now is family medicine. Although this is not the most intense division, I want to be able to build a relationship with my patients, as well as help families grow and stay healthy. I am very personable, and would be easy to talk to for all kind of people. I am also interested in getting involved in either some form of volunteering or research within the next year. No matter where my schooling takes me in my career, I have faith that I will have the endurance to take on any task, as well as the experience necessary to do it well.


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