Scholars Events

This fall, I have been playing on the Biological Sciences Scholars flag football team, the Mighty Chondrias. There are games at 3:30 p.m. every Sunday at Fred Beekman Park. These games are a fun way to get some exercise away from the rush of classes during the week while still staying within the community aspect of the scholars group.


I attended the Biological Scholars event on Friday, September 21 where we travelled to the Cadaver Lab, which is a part of the Ohio State Department of Anatomy. This was my first time going to a cadaver lab, so it was a very interesting and educational experience for me. With my intentions to one day go to med school, I am aware that this is going to become more familiar for me, so this was a good way to gain a little bit of knowledge about human anatomy.


Another scholars event that I attended was the men’s soccer game vs Furman on Friday, 8/24. Although Ohio State did not win this game, it was a good chance for me, as well as all of the freshmen present, to  bond a little bit with some other people in the Biological Scholars program that I was living with but had yet to really get to know. The whole scholars program sat together off to the side of the bleachers, and it was really enjoyable, especially now looking back on it because that was the first time I met a lot of the people that I live with in Barrett House and that I have gotten close with.

This artifact differs from the others in that it is not a Biological Sciences Scholars event, nor is it even an Ohio State event for that matter. This picture was taken of me and several of my friends from high school after high school graduation. This marked a big transition in my life because I knew the next step was college, which I know now is a big jump. This is also representative of the impact my friends, old and new, have on my life in and out of school. I think everyone needs people that they can talk to about whatever and can hang out outside of classes to keep them sane, and I have been blessed with many of those people in my life.



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