Scarlet is the research registry platform in use at OSU developed by the Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) and funded in conjunction with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), BMI, and the Medical Center’s Chief Research Information Officer.

The “Registry Pipeline” is a secure, web-based application that leverages REDCap and IHIS for data capture. Research data is sourced from REDCap (http://www.project-redcap.org/); clinical data is sourced from IHIS. The “Registry Pipeline” software takes specific data points from the REDCap database as well as extracts IHIS data from the Information Warehouse (“IW”) and integrates this data into a standard Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (“OMOP”) , i.e., the registry. A basic query portal will be developed to provide database search queries.

The following document will help answer your questions:

What is the Registry Pipeline

The registry framework captures clinical data from within IHIS and leverages electronic data capture tools, REDCap to capture data outside of IHIS for your research purposes. The framework software then takes specific data-points from the feed from IHIS and the REDCap database and integrates them into a standard OMOP (http://omop.org/) based registry model.

Requesting a Registry and Cost
Research registries can be requested through the CCTS’s service request system – CoRR (https://researchrecord.osu.edu/). The above description of the platform corresponds to a standard registry deployment with a standard set of data elements corresponding to the OMOP data for a base cost of $10k.

Customization Beyond the Standard Registry Platform
Customization beyond the standard framework, such as capturing data elements beyond the standard data set offered or enabling non standardized data elements captured through REDcap to be queried through the query portal, will be charged at the standard department’s rate of $110/hour.

Maintenance and Ongoing Support
Maintenance and ongoing support of your registry will require a standard “hosting fee” and can be requested as a separate service through the CCTS. In addition, change requests/revisions will incur effort charges at the $110/hour rate.

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