About Me

My name is Maria Scaccia. My experiences and environments have instilled in me a love for the natural world, science education, service, and exploration. Going into college, I wanted my major to reflect these values and even enrich them. I found the best fit to be Astrophysics and Astronomy, as it will better my understanding of the universe and prepare me for the future of space exploration. In coming years, I hope to expand Astronomy’s accessibility and prepare deep space exploration missions.

Besides astronomy, I have enjoyed writing and performing music with my band, Monday Night Project. This creative outlet allows me to connect with myself and others, while having fun. The band challenged my creative abilities as we moved from doing covers to writing our own song. After all of our hard work, we were able to finally produce an album. Although moving away to college has ended my time with Monday Night Project, I hope to find my place with another band at OSU.

I am definitely excited to see where my future goals lead me, especially since there are so many opportunities at OSU. I plan to take advantage of them all!