Chapter on research with young language learners

MLE doctoral student Suan Ataei and I just published a new chapter in an edited volume. One of the co-editors is our new Ohio State colleague, Dr. Becky Huang.

Sayer, P. Ataei, S. (2022). Observation and ethnographic methods for researching young language learners. In Y.G. Butler & B. Huang (Eds.), Research methods for understanding child second language development. London & New York: Routledge.  

New publication in Linguistic Landscape

Congratulations to Xinyue Lu and Bethany Martens on the publication of our new article. This paper explains the research design and methodology we developed to do a linguistic landscape of Columbus, Ohio.

Lu, X., Martens, B. & Sayer, P. (2022). Examining social class and multilingualism through the linguistic landscape: A methodological proposal. Linguistic Landscape, 8(1): 32-55. DOI 10.1075/ 

New chapter in linguistic landscape volume

The new edited volume on language teaching in the linguistic landscape is finally out! Here’s my chapter:

Sayer, P. (2020). Ethnographic language learning projects through the linguistic landscape. In D. Malinowski, H. Maxim, & S. Dubrell (Eds.), Language teaching in the linguistic landscape: Mobilizing pedagogy in the public space. Switzerland: Springer.

Article on the impact of COVID remote learning on ELs

Our article “The disparate impact of COVID-19 remote learning on English learners in the U.S.”, co-authored with PhD student Derek Braun, has just been published in the TESOL Journal. In this article, we describe three reasons why ELs have been disproportionately affected by the move to classroom to online learning. Full pdf available at:

New book: Envisioning TESOL through a Translanguaging Lens

Our new book, Envisioning TESOL through a Translanguaging Lens: Global Perspectives (Springer) has just come out. Thanks to my co-editors Zhongfeng Tian, Laila Aghai and Jaime Schissel as well as all of the contributing authors. For the publication of the book, we did a webinar for the TESOL Bilingual-Multilingual Education Interest Section. I had never done webinar before, and was thrilled that we had 300 attendees (which apparently is the cap for Zoom, so it could have been more!). Great job Zhongfeng promoting the webinar.