Linguistic Landscape project funded by GSIRI

Bethany Martens, Xinyue Lu, and Mario Martinez Garcia collecting linguistic landscape data

Our project “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Mapping Linguistic Landscapes in Education” was funded by the EHE GSIRI award to support interdisciplinary research. The research team is T&L Doctoral Students Bethany Martens, Xinyue Lu, Mario Martinez Garcia, faculty PI Peter Sayer, and several graduate students and teachers with whom we will be collaborating. The project aims to map the multilingualism of Columbus using the ArcGIS system, with help from the Geography Department to match the linguistic data to the demographic data on immigrant groups, socioeconomic status, and language diversity across the city. Using the results, we will be partnering with the COSI OSU Language Lab to develop an interactive display for the science museum.

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