At a school like Ohio State, there are so many opportunities for enrichment both in and out of the classroom. These have given me many options for what to do in the future to enhance my undergraduate career.

For global awareness, I would love to study abroad. I do not have a specific program or place in which I would like to study, but I know I want to travel the world. The College of Nursing has many opportunities to study in Europe and Africa, learning about healthcare in places other than the USA. I also believe working in the hospitals, nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals, I will learn more about diverse cultures and people. I would even consider doing study abroad that is not connected to the CON just to be able to travel and learn about something I enjoy (such as the program based in Liverpool that studies the impact of British popular music in the 1960s).

Participating in research based around the clinical setting is an opportunity that I want to get involved with during my junior or senior year. So many of the professors for the College of Nursing are either working toward their Doctorate degree or are just consistently doing research in the clinical setting. Not only would this allow to me to gain clinical experience and add to my resume, but it would be a great opportunity to get more connected to the faculty in the CON and the hospital staff. One of my professors this semester is doing research at a psychiatric hospital in the Columbus area, and I am very interested in getting involved with something in that area of study.

I am currently one of the co-chairs for the Recruitment, Outreach and Welcome committee for the Mount Leadership Society Scholars. This has really helped me cultivate my leadership skills by teaching me how to delegate, create and execute lesson plans, as well as communicating with OSU faculty. I am also a “Phys Phab,” or a student tutor for one of the Human Physiology classes offered at OSU. This position has put me in a position where I am able to teach future healthcare professionals, and I am comfortable taking that lead role of explaining information to others.

As for service engagement, I am currently volunteering at the Clintonville Community Resource Center in their food pantry. I have so far worked for 13 hours, but will work for my total of 75 hours by March 2019. I am also planning on volunteering at a cancer patient resource center near my hometown over winter break. I want to continue volunteering throughout my life, helping with American Red Cross blood drives and at the cancer patient resource centers in the Columbus area.