Artifact 2

From left to right, my mother, my grandmother, myself and my father pose in front a banner at a Parent’s Weekend reception.

While I have absolutely loved my time here at OSU, it is always nice to see family members. Luckily, I am only from two hours away and all of my grandparents live within 15 minutes of my house back in my hometown. One of my parents is usually in the area every week or so, allowing us to go to lunch with my brother, who also attends Ohio State. Parent’s Weekend (mainly Nov. 4) was great because I was able to see both of my parents and my grandma and show them around campus.

After a great lunch and then a reception with the Mount Leadership Society, I was able to come back home for two days to see my sister, my dog and some of my friends who were also back home. During these two days, I was able to rejuvenate (and I even chopped off 6 inches of hair!). Ohio State is an amazing school, but it is also great to get away from the chaos of such a big school for even just a couple of days. Seeing family, friends, getting away from homework and stopping all the worrying about school for a bit has allowed for me to focus more when I came back.