Pittsburgh Trip

In October 2020, I traveled to Pittsburgh to meet up with a friend over fall break. Although this was not an explicitly educational experience, I observed a lot about cities, how they work, and how they impact our personal lives. I witnessed firsthand the ways in which urban settings can nurture relationships and provide accessible, unique opportunities. This experience is worthy of inclusion in my portfolio because it inspired growth, connection to the world, and a desire to learn more. It sparked my interest in the psychological aspect of urban studies: How does the city make us happy? I also observed the positive impact of free public transportation in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, reaffirming my belief that everyone deserves the freedom of movement, both for work and leisure. I learned the importance of a convivial environment in sharing positive experiences with others; the relationships we forge with others are heavily impacted by our surroundings. A peaceful park bench, a bustling coffee shop, and the commotion of an outdoor market are all backdrops for the connections that are vital to human well-being. And there is no place like a city to provides all of these experiences within a walkable sector.