Sophomore Year in review

For this year, I am proud of the progress I’ve made getting more involved in clubs. I was the Recruitment Chair for MEDLIFE OSU and this allowed me to gain valuable leadership experience, while also gaining a stronger connection with my fellow executive board members. I was in charge of the virtual involvement fair and creating flyers for the club. I also created our merch and fulfilled orders. I also became involved with The Dementia Project, where I was able to volunteer at a Dementia care home, interacting with the residents and hearing their stories. This was life-changing, as I connected with them on a personal level, and got to share moments with these special people. I plan on continuing my involvement in both of these clubs in the summer, and I was recently elected Recruitment Coordinator for MEDLIFE. I also began research in The Coutellier Lab this summer. So far this opportunity has been amazing, and I am studying stress and anxiety in mice in their prefrontal cortex.

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