On Sunday October 28th, I went to one of the coffee houses on the Columbus to do list. I went to Kafe Kerouac. It was a cafe a little north of campus and it is filled with a variety of books. The specials are named after different authors and they have a room with a bookshelf filled with books. It was a quiet cafe, it seems like a good place to get a cup of coffee and study. I most enjoyed the reading the names of the different types of coffees, and I least enjoyed the amount of time I had to be in the cafe. I wish I had more time to enjoy the cafe and look through/ read a few books. Next time I go out to do a to do list item, I think that I will do an activity. It will be fun to do an activity to further bond with my fellow HES members. I think Kafe Kerouac is a good place to go to either study or relax with a good book

Columbus To do List 2

On November 18, I went to Piada Italian Street Food with Maria and Miho at Easton. During my time their I got to look around Easton. It was a lovely outdoor mall that was covered in lights for the holiday season. I enjoyed the food at Piada. I got one of the Piadas, and it was really good. I enjoyed being able to hang out with my fellow HES members at this location. The only thing that did not enjoy was the fact that it was cold that day and Easton is all outdoors. I learned that their is many different places to go around Columbus, and it is really fun to explore those places with friends. I think next time I would invite more people to come along, so that they can enjoy the experience with us. I would definitely go back to Piada. The food was good and the employees and the automosphere was pleasent. I would suggest it to anyone who likes Italian food to go to Piada