A major part of my high school experience has been through marching band. I joined marching band my sophomore year of high school as a cymbal player and by the time I was a senior I played the  base drum. Being a member of the marching band involved a lot of responsibility. It was up to every individual member of the band to learn their part and know their marks in order for the final formation to turn out just right. It really showed me what it is like to work together as a team and to encourage each other on to be the best performers that we could be.

Artifact 2:

During the Autumn semester of my freshman year, I went to a presentation where we painted pots and learned about idenities. I had fun painting the pot. I feel that this plant really reflects on my personality. First of all the pot is hand painted. I really love to paint and to express myself creatively whether through realism or abstract art as shown in the pot. I have enjoyed taking care of this plant throughout the semester. I think that shows how deeply I enjoy caring for other things, which is related to the new major I choose: Biology with a pre med specialization.

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