Semester in Review(AU 2020)

University has been interesting. How I perceive it right now is that it is “high school on steroids.” The reason I say this is because everything is fast paced due to classes being semester long. There are so many extra-curriculars that I can participate in. There are many volunteer opportunities that are available. There are research opportunities available. These opportunities were all available in high school, but not to the magnitude they are present at university, especially at OSU.  On top of that, the variety of academics at university is enormous, there is a class for every interest. It was sort of like that in high school, in the respect that there was a class for English, Maths, Science, Social Studies; however, at university, there are more specific courses geared towards different areas of each topic.

For me personally, I have appreciated my time at University.  I was able to improve my critical thinking skills, as well as my ability to handle my responsibilities, as well as balancing priorities. For my first semester, I registered for 17 credit hours worth of courses. The first half of the semester was tough because I wasn’t really prepared for university. In high school, I typically listened to lecture and read the text book, and that was enough for me to get an “A”, however, at university, I am grateful to have professors who have actually made me master the content by applying it to real life circumstances, as well as asking trick questions and other sort of quizzing to make me think about a concept in multiple perspectives, rather than just regurgitating information. It took a few weeks for me to get accustomed to that, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to do my homework more efficiently, as well as better balance my time between academics, extra curriculars and other.

In addition to academics, I am glad that I had the chance to join a few extra curricular clubs, such as Code 4 Community, Medical Innovations Club, Pre-Medicine club, and other organizations that allow me to take up leadership positions as well as provide service back to my community. In high school, I was mainly focused on keeping good grades, but once I reached university, I desired to give back to the community that had aided me in reaching to college.

I also had the chance to join the Biological Scholars program at the Ohio State University, and this program had aided me in the transition from high school student to more prepared college student. For starters, the Biological Scholars program had given me the opportunity to meet new people , whether that was faculty member or other students. The Biological Scholars program had also aided me in previewing research that is occurring at the Ohio State University, and it also gave me the resources to be a better applicant for medical school. Resources like research opportunities, volunteer opportunities and other that make me a better applicant. The Biological Scholars Program had also helped me figure out my passion, and nurture my interests that have started in high school. Interests in research, as well as service were strengthened by being a part of this program, and it also helped me become a more empathetic person overall as I learned to relate to the people I had to help when I was volunteering.

In my opinion, we ,as human beings, are always personally growing, however what really matters is what we do with that growth. This semester, I feel that I have grown to be a more empathetic person, because of the volunteering opportunities that I have taken. So when reflecting back on these experiences allow for me to appreciate how far I’ve come from my past, less mature self.


The “L” in the acronym “G.O.A.L.S” stands for “Leadership Development.” What this means is that one acts like a leader. A leader is defined as someone who empowers another, and allows them to feel confident with the task that is at hand. I have been able to develop my leadership skills this year as I am a project lead for the app development project in the Medical Innovations Club, in which we try to develop an app that gives diagnosis based on specific conditions a patient has. So far, none of us know how to code, so I’ve been responsible in making sure everyone understands the concepts of Swift(the programming language) and XCode (The platform used to code) so that when we go to program the app, we will have an easier time.


This here is my TI- 84 Plus CE calculator. I got this when I was going into eighth grade, the first time I ever actually felt “mature” in the sense of taking care of my own responsibilities. This calculator was the first expensive device that I was allowed to take outside of the house, and therefore was a visible proof of my responsibility with physical items. But looking past the physical aspect of this calculator, my utilization of the calculator had shifted. When I was in eighth grade, all I wanted to do on the calculator was to play “Pokemon Red” on it, and I do admit it, it was fun, but as I learned more and more maths from school as the years progressed, my utilization of this calculator was less for games and more for curiosity. The more maths I learned, the more applications that came along with it and the more functions of the calculators I learned about. I just stopped downloading apps, and instead, I was more preoccupied with learning the different functions of the calculator and how they worked. One function that particularly caught my eye was the graphing ability of the calculator. I played around with different modes of the calculator, different functions, different windows and learned how to graph interesting looking graphs. Although they weren’t of much practical use, it sparked my curiosity for maths because of how intricate and complex it was. In addition, my overall curiosity increased for other aspects of life because I started to question more, and wanted to learn more in rather than just to take it for granted. So this one simply advanced machine, has lead me to a passion that has shaped who I am today, a person who questions and learns just for the fun of it.

About Me

My name is Nafees Sathik and I am currently a freshman and am currently majoring in Neuroscience and I am currently part of the biological science scholars program as well.

I went to Olentangy Orange High School, and at that high school I nurtured many of my interests that I have currently, as well with work ethics and habits. I have always been interested in the sciences, specifically physics and biology because of how complex they were, but when I joined Science Olympiad, I applied my knowledge of my interests in physics and biology through Science Olympiad events like “Designer Genes” and “Mission Possible”. I was able to apply what I already knew to real life situations. I also created a strong passion in Mathematics through Maths club. I was part of a math fraternity in high school called Mu Alpha Theta, and my high school would compete against other high schools in tournaments. During my time at high school, I’ve also gained some work experience working at a tutoring center called Kumon. I tutor children, ages ranging from 4 to 16, on mathematics and reading comprehension. The mathematics that I teach can vary in difficulty. The level of maths vary from basic addition and subtraction all the way to differential calculus. The levels of reading comprehension vary from basic one paragraph passages to Shakesperean poetry. I find joy in teaching children the concepts that they will require in school and in life and making sure that they understand the concepts that they are learning. I have some volunteering experience volunteering at my local mosque and cleaning it the day before our Jumma prayers on Fridays, making sure that my muslim brothers and sisters are given a clean environment to make their prayers in. However, my only regret in high school is that I haven’t been all that active in service. I hope that at university, I can increase the amount of people I help aid, whether that be through clinical work, research, non-clinical volunteering, I want to help people live easier lives.

Throughout my time at University, I will be working under a pre-medicine track, studying to get into medical school and eventually become a physician, specifically a pediatrician. The organizations I will be joining are OSU Premed club, Muslim Student Association, Chemical Electric Car, Medical Innovations club, Code 4 Community, United Health Aid Columbus, Global Design Mission. I hope that through these organizations, I can better my life, and the lives of others through service. I will also continue working at Kumon, better nurturing my teaching skills as well.