Suxuan Chen: BPV Rigidity, PR Rigidity, and Möbius Disjointness

Friday, June 24, 4-5 pm, MW 154

Abstract: I will present the paper “Rigidity in Dynamics and Möbius Disjointness” by Kanigowski, Lemańczyk, and Radziwiłł. In the paper they introduced the notions bounded prime volume rigidity and polynomial rate rigidity and showed that if a topological dynamical system satisfies one of the two rigidity conditions, then the system satisfies Sarnak’s conjecture on Möbius disjointness. As corollaries, almost every interval exchange transformation (IET) of d (d≥2) intervals is Möbius disjoint, and any Anzai skew product TΦ (defined by TΦ(x,y)=(x+α,y+Φ(x)) ) on the 2-torus with irrational α and Φ of zero topological degree and of class C2+εis Möbius disjoint.

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