Year in Review

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In order to fulfill my goal of Global Awareness, I will take a course or two to learn about it, including Introduction to Philosophy and perhaps a Comparative Studies course. I have also applied to be a Resident Advisor, and if I obtain the position, I will likely have residents from a variety of cultures. To learn about their individuality, I will simply have conversations with them so that we can learn from each other. I also plan to study abroad during my college experience.

Original Inquiry will be a dominant aspect of my GOALS. Because I am studying Astronomy, I plan on doing research after my sophomore year. There is still a great deal yet to be learned in the field of Astronomy, including studies in String Theory, Unified Field Theory, and galactic formation. My goal is to help progress humankind’s knowledge of the universe, which will have implications in philosophy, technology, and society in general—all in ways that will improve the quality of life here on Earth (and perhaps beyond).

To achieve Academic Enrichment, I will challenge myself by taking difficult courses beyond the realm of my major, such as Organic Chemistry, some upper division Mathematics courses, and some arts courses. These will subsequently boost my cognitive abilities in any other area I may need to apply them, as well as complementing my capabilities in Astronomy. The more I challenge myself by taking various courses unrelated to my major, the better-rounded I will become—plus, I will gain a sense of gratification for refusing to settle for less.

Another goal that I plan on conquering is Leadership Development. I have applied to be an RA, which will be a tremendous means of improving my ability to guide others to be the best version of themselves they can be. If I am given the position, I will also receive training in conflict resolution and other aspects of improving my executive functioning. Perhaps as soon as spring of my first year, I am planning on taking up the Treasurer role in an activist/social justice group called Cannabis Coalition, a group focused on legalizing cannabis for industrial, recreational, and medical purposes, as well as fighting unnecessary costs in punishment, and much more. Finally, I plan on doing research and tutoring peers in Mathematics, Physics, and/or Astronomy, as the opportunity arises. The combination of all these prospects regarding improving my ability to guide a group of people will work toward achieving my goal in Leadership Development.

Service Engagement is the last of the GOALS that I will accomplish. I hope to work in a Landscaping group that will boost the aesthetic around campus; this will not only improve the environment for students, but give me a sense of spiritual satisfaction, as I enjoy being around nature. Also, I plan on doing more activism over the course of my college career because I feel strongly about informing the public about various issues, as well as inspiring some feelings in the more apathetic people. In addition to this, I have applied to be an Instructional Aide in the Astronomy department for the Spring 2016 semester. This position entails setting up labs, A/V equipment, running errands for the professor, answering questions by students, and so on. This will benefit the professor and the students so that more can be accomplished in the classroom.


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About Me

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