Year in Review

Looking at my senior year of high school, I was satisfied going into the year. I was on the varsity soccer team, I was confident in my academics, and I had good friends. The soccer season was a huge success. We won a STAC title and a sectional title, before eventually losing to the eventual state champions. However, after this I decided not to play on my premier soccer team in the spring because I knew that I was not going to college for soccer. I already decided to go to OSU for academics and the environment. I am still content wit my choice. Academically, some of my AP classes were challenging. However, in the end I am very proud of my GPA and my class rank of #3. Everything else my senior year kind of cruised by. I may not have done some things that I had hoped to do, but overall, I am glad to say that the year was a success.


Global Awareness: I have traveled to many countries and have been in four continents. To promote global awareness I may take some time to study abroad. Additionally, I will try to join many clubs and participate in extra curricular activities.
Original Inquiry: I am in the Honors program at the Ohio State University. Therefore, I must take multiple advanced courses. Plus, it is possible that I decide to participate in research, however; I am still unsure.
Academic Enrichment: I am in the pre-nursing program, hoping to be accepted into the nursing school next year. To do this I plan on maintaining a very high GPA and succeeding in the required courses. For my GE, I hope to take classes that interest me, but also expand my horizons as a student. In high school, I took many AP courses and received credits through the tests. I feel prepared to face the challenges of college and plan to be successful.
Leadership Development: I plan to be engaged with activities outside of the classroom. In high school, I was in many different clubs and extracurricular groups. One of these groups was BBYO, which is a Jewish youth group. I held the position of vice president on the board for one year. This required me to attend a convention about being a leader in my community. In addition, I was a captain on my soccer team for two years, chosen because of my leadership skills. During my undergrad, I hope to further develop these skills through clubs and other activities.
Service Engagement: I will be doing a lot of community service as a part of the Honors program. During high school, I also participated in a bunch of programs and services. Some were through my school and others as a project through BBYO.



I aim to become a nurse anesthetist after finishing my college career.

Prior Employment:

  • Weis Markets
  • Camp Seneca Lake


  • Graduated Vestal High School #3 in my class with a 101.607 weighted GPA
  • Attending the Ohio State University

About Me

My name is Brian Salomons and I’m from Vestal, New York. I am admitted into the Honors Program and have been a Buckeye my whole life. I am currently in the pre-nursing program with the end goal of being accepted into the Nursing school next year. I dream of becoming a nurse anesthetist after graduating. I have an identical twin brother that is not attending OSU, but his experiences with many nurses and doctors when he was five has pushed me into the medical field. I have played all different sports, but ultimately only played soccer my whole life. I look forward to Saturday’s football games and meeting new people. Go Buckeyes!