Artifact 2

At Ohio State, I am a member of Mount Leadership Society Scholars. Mount is a service-based group, and as a part of our first year as Mount Scholars, we all participate in something called Legacy Week. During Legacy Week, all 100 of us are divided up into six groups, each with a different cause that is relevant in our community. I am on team abuse, whose slogan is “fighting harm, giving hope.” During Legacy Week, our team of 16 has to design and execute two service projects with agencies in the Columbus area. Throughout the course of Legacy Week, I have learned a lot about myself and how to work with a large group of people to carry out a large project. I’ve come to realize that communication and respect are integral to maintain functionality within a large group. One thing I always try to do is hear people’s ideas out, and respect what they have to say. All in all, Legacy Week has shown me the ins and outs of coordinating large projects for various quantities of people, and how to work with others in a constructive and beneficial way, skills that I will definitely take with me into the future.


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