Module 7: Keys to Motivation for Online Learning

In this module we talked a lot about motivation and how to a lot of tips on stress relief and simple ways you can easily take some of the stress off of your shoulders. In a time like finals week almost everyone is experiencing some level of stress. Some may experience more stress than others but there are many ways to destress. One of the most useful things I learned from this module was how to destress with a few simple tricks including: exercising regularly and sleeping enough, manage habits such as caffeine or alcohol, and find and practice a relaxing technique that you think will help you. With these simple things among others I have found that I was able to manage something as stressful as finals week with ease and was confident in my ability to study efficiently and be successful on my exams.

Another super important topic covered in this module is the necessity of getting enough sleep every night. As a college student I tend to go to bed late and then have to wake up early for class, to study or for whatever it may be which is not good for my mental health or the stress i’m already experiencing in my life. This is an incredibly common theme for all college students and is something I plan on working on in the future. But some people believe that getting your 8 hours is sometimes not necessary. But in fact, sleeping is a way of reenergizing your body and your mind and is able to elevate your memory, learning capacity and ability to deal with stress all throughout the day. Without sleep students would be walking across campus like zombies. One amazing resource that can explain why sleep is something to take a little more seriously, is a video by Shai Marcu called “The benefits of a good night’s sleep.” and is extremely helpful in illustrating the overall benefits of going to bed early rather than cramming the night before an exam.

Video Resource: