Module 6: Online Learning Strategies and Skills

In this weeks modules I learned a lot about credible online resources, how to identify the reliability, quality and utility of online articles and journals. One thing that I think is incredibly useful that stood out to me in these modules was about how wikipedia is a source that a lot of students use currently, but is actually a resource that should be avoided when writing an academic or research paper. Wikipedia is very useful for getting general information or general background information but should never be used when writing a paper for class or for anything that requires credible articles or sources. Being a user-generated, editable, online encyclopedia, Wikipedia can be inaccurate and sometimes biased and is not a credible source for any academic or research paper.

One thing that I would recommend to students just coming into college is to learn how to accurately write an academic paper, to start don’t use Wikipedia. Academic papers are something that is required in most classes you will take in college and knowing how to correctly formulate this paper is super important if you want to succeed at the college level. The resource below is an extremely helpful guide to writing a quality academic paper and is something I will use in the future to make sure that my writing is up to par and will be successful.