Module 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

In this weeks modules I learned a lot about how technology can improve study strategies and techniques. One of the most important things I got out of this weeks modules was how to properly use the internet and modern day technology to enhance my studying skills and how to efficiently keep track of my time and take notes properly. Websites like Quizlet, Bibme and Google Calendar are all great examples of a resource that students should start using right now if not already, because I use these pretty much every week and they are extremely helpful in getting me through my average academic week. With these tools I am able to study efficiently, manage my time successfully and make sure I am writing and citing in the correct format. I especially like Quizlet, a website that lets you create flashcards and study them in many different ways, because of the variation it provides in its studying possibilities.

In the future I plan to continue to use these tools because not only are they super helpful for students at any level, but they are super easy to use and can be applied into any level of education from elementary school all the way to college and more. These resources are like second nature to me now when studying and I suggest to any student that they start using websites like these as soon as possible because it makes school a lot easier and less stressful.

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