Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age

In this weeks modules I learned a lot about planning, setting goals and improving time management to help myself improve academically. Something that I had never really done before that I probably should have been doing since high school is efficiently planning out my school work, along with my social life, extracurriculars and even my sleep schedule, that being making sure I actually am getting enough sleep every night. One specific thing that I was able to do in this module to help my poor planning abilities was creating a google sheets document that mapped out my entire week. By using google sheets I was able to see in thirty second increments how I was spending my time, that being on school work, on video games, Netflix and social media, and how much I was actually sleeping. With this I can now see where I’m spending too much time and on what things do I consistently not spend enough time on.

I think by using google sheets now and in the future I can effectively plan out what I need to be doing every week literally by the minute. I can also see what I need to be doing less of, may that be video games or just spending too much time on my phone in general, aimlessly scrolling through instagram or twitter. I think that using something like google sheets or anything similar is a huge step in the right direction academically and one of the best pieces of advice I could give to someone in college or high school is to use google sheets. Not only does it help you schedule your time but it also helps limit procrastination of emphasize a balanced lifestyle.

Resource: Google sheets –