Module 1: Communicating and Collaborating

In this weeks modules I learned about online communication and how people around the world are able to collaborate with each other through technology. One of the most important things that was discussed in the modules was the use of something called “the cloud” which many of us including myself use almost everyday. In my experience the cloud is a great way to share information and to easily save and copy important documents. With the click of very few buttons you can share, post or save information within seconds. Not only can you share or save this information on one device, but because of the cloud this information can be access on multiple devices may that be your phone, computer or whichever kind of technology you are using.

Another super important aspect of communication and collaboration, and something that I am relatively new to is email etiquette. In the emails I used to write in high school many of them probably came off as a little informal or unprofessional, but since learning about this my perspective on how to address my professors or employers through email has changed. One thing I learned from this module is that the subject line is super important when emailing a professor. If your subject is not straight and to the point then most likely your professor could just skim over it and may not respond as quick as you would like. Another thing I learned is that an email to a professor is kind of like writing a paper in that you should make sure you are using correct spelling and grammar or you might end up making a fool out of yourself.

Resource for email etiquette tips: