What is Scarlet And Gray Excellence (SAGE)?

Scarlet and Gray Excellence (SAGE) is a learning community for 40 students of color who have been accepted to Ohio State Newark. SAGE forms an academic and social community that will assist students of color in achieving academic success and developing a sense of belonging to increase retention. Through its emphasis on multicultural education and self-awareness, students will strengthen their leadership skills and work towards increasing respect for differences. Students will be immersed in a curriculum that is reflective of their culture and reality and will be equipped with the knowledge base to bring about change for a just society.

Benefits include:

  • Peer Mentors
  • Free weekly tutoring sessions
  • Planned social and cultural events throughout the year to build sense of belonging on campus
  • Workshops to help facilitate learning and personal growth
  • Strong support system throughout the year
  • Immersed in a multicultural curriculum where students take 4 courses together as a cohort
  • $300 in academic funding per semester
  • Priority consideration for Newark Campus residence hall housing

40 students will be accepted.

Who is eligible?

Students must identify as a student of color to apply (ex: American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Island).

Students must be first time college students. This means that you have never been enrolled in college before—college classes while you were in high school are fine.

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