March For Science, 4/22/2017

Members of Saga attended the March for Science in both Columbus and Washington, D.C. We collected, made poster designs to spread awareness of issues of diversity in STEM, and protested. As with many demonstrations, we had a broad variety of…

Meeting minutes to be uploaded by the end of Friday 5/5. The chair is Brendan McCullian and the ledgerperson is Noah Charles.  

We looked over a first draft of the charter. The chair will be Sara Mueller and the ledgerperson is Brendan McCullian. An early draft of the charter is attached for comment and the minutes will be uploaded after the meeting.

The chair for the meeting is Hanna Lafranconi. The ledgerperson is Sara Mueller. Meeting minutes will be attached.

The chair for the meeting is Daniel Canaday. The ledgerperson is Hanna Lafranconi. Meeting minutes will be attached.

OSU Saga supports the general strike A Day without a Woman, to occur on March 8th. Emails sent to the department in support of the strike will be archived below. Beyond official Saga advocacy, individual members are encouraged to support…

Here the meeting minutes for the first general meeting will be posted. The chair for this meeting is Noah Charles.

We will be helping recruit prospective graduate students at the 2017 Open House through a 15 minute presentation and a poster presentation. Click through to access the presentation materials!