MMC Sandbox Photoshop

This semester, I have been taking a 14 week Adobe Photoshop project group. When I was in high school I took a photography class and I worked a little bit with Photoshop, but this project group helped me create and edit photographs on a completely different level. For example, I learned how to create neon text from scratch in Photoshop. While it may not be perfect, it challenged my abilities and I am amazed at how well it turned out. There is so much that I still do not know about Photoshop, and I’m excited to continue to learn more. Photoshop is a very easy program to work with, and it is adaptable for all skill levels.

This project group covered a few basic techniques such as increasing vibrance, dodging and burning, and double exposure. We also created custom business cards and took professional photographs, which will be helpful throughout our college careers. By taking this class, I learned how to enhance a photograph, or how to create something completely new. As an Arts Management major, I believe that being able to use Photoshop is an important skill to have, especially for fundraising and marketing.


I created these different logos in my digital sandbox class using Adobe Illustrator. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a chef, and my parents said that I should open up a noodle restaurant. If I do open a noodle restaurant in the future, these are some ideas I have for the logo.

About Me


My name is Lauren Sadataki. I graduated from Revere High School which is located in Richfield, Ohio (my hometown). Throughout high school, I was involved in the Akron Youth Symphony, Science Olympiad, Student Council, National Honor Society, Revere Girls Golf Team, and the Revere Softball Team. For the past three summers, I volunteered as a day camp counselor for a camp called Forts and Tunnels, but this year I was a junior girls, ages 9-11, cabin counselor at Interlochen Center for the Arts. I chose Ohio State because it has an abundance of resources to help me advance in my major. I am majoring in Arts Management and I hope to manage an orchestra one day.

My goal is to manage an orchestra because as a violinist, I understand the passion musicians have for their music and I want to make sure that musicians have an opportunity to display their passion. Also at Interlochen I played percussion with the junior ensembles and it was an amazing opportunity to meet a wide variety of artists. Seeing young children already so invested in their arts encourages me to work harder to achieve my goal of keeping the arts alive.