2023-2024 Elections will take place in Spring 2023

Are you interested in becoming more involved in SACNAS? This is a great opportunity to do so! Nominate yourself or a friend for a position on the executive board (e-board) of our Ohio State SACNAS Chapter. You are not required to have previous experience in student organizations to get involved, the previous e-board is always available to help the new e-board navigate the transition.

Elections Timeline:

Nominations are due late March
Nominate someone!

Position descriptions

Voting will commence in early April


The 2019-2020 E-board members talking about their positions:

What positions can I nominate for and what are their responsibilities?

Primary executive board = President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Extended executive board = Recruitment Chair, Outreach Chair, Communications Chair, Fundraising Chair, and National Liaison.


  • Create an agenda at least 24 hours before general membership meetings
  • Oversee all committees and chairs
  • Correspond and interact with other campus organizations
  • Manage the rotating schedule for leading general membership meetings
  • Chair annual Ciencias event or Spring Keynote Speaker Event
  • Ensure all requirements are met for SACNAS to be in compliance on the student org management page for Ohio State student life
  • Attend student life’s presidents training

Vice President:

  • Create e-board agenda at least 24 hours before e-board meeting
  • Help oversee all committees and chairs
  • Help correspond and interact with other organizations
  • Chair annual Ciencias event or spring keynote speaker event
  • On rotating schedule to lead general membership meetings


  • Take detailed notes for e-board and general membership meetings
  • If unable to attend meetings, find someone to substitute
  • Oversee communications chair
  • Oversee webmaster and social media coordinator
  • Help create a weekly newsletter and pass along information for social media pages
  • On rotating schedule to lead general membership meetings
  • Take notes at chapter planning meetings and archive them on the google drive


  • Manage chapter funds
  • Oversee fundraising chair
  • Review funding requests and requests final approval from the president
  • Helps create funding application for programming and operational funds
  • Order and pay for foods and other supplies
  • On rotating schedule to lead general membership meetings
  • Attend student life’s treasurer training
  • Acquire management of SACNAS bank accounts

Recruitment chair:

  • Organize recruitment events, especially at the start and end of the semester
  • Register SACNAS for fall and spring involvement fairs
  • Work with president and vice president to maintain contact with potential groups and new student members

Outreach Chair:

  • Organize two outreach events per semester (e.g. LASER outreach)
  • Works with secretary and communications chair to advertise these events
  • Document outreach events via photos and share with social media coordinator
  • Helps VP respond to outreach/collaboration requests

Communications Chair:

  • Solicit new upcoming events from the chapter and campus community
  • Craft weekly newsletter to be sent out each Monday at noon through Mailchimp. Use existing templates.
  • Works closely with the secretary
  • Oversee Communications committee including
    • Webmaster:
      • Manage SACNAS webpage
      • Update any information with the help of the secretary
      • Post SACNAS upcoming events
      • Update member photos and research highlights
    • Social Media Coordinator:
      • Manage SACNAS social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
      • Post relevant information in a timely manner
      • Forward any social media inquiries to the president or vice president

Fundraising Chair:

  • Organize one large fundraising event for the year
  • Works closely with the treasurer
  • Brainstorm additional potential fundraising ideas

 National Liaison:

  • Primary contact to the SACNAS National Office
  • Submits chapter annual report and conducts communication with the National Office